Affilliate Downline and Sale Examples

Affiliate Downline Levels and Examples 
All new Affiliates who sign up will get 25% commission on all their direct sales they make themselves.  They can recruit new affiliates to form what's called a downline under them.   This downline will pay a commission rate for the first 10 levels off of these affiliate sales back throughout the upline. This percentage does not come off of the commission of the affiliate sales but off of the sales total all together.  Meaning the 25% commission that the downline affiliate will receive is unaffected and the company pays the commission out of their end.  This preserves the integrity and structure, so every affiliate has greater opportunity to grow their network and income potential.  Here is a break down on the appropriate commission pay rate per level:

Here is an example of 1 full downline where each affiliate has made an initial sale of a single 2000mg Tincture on a 30-day subscription and a 3250mg Salve on a 60-day subscription.  The commission payout is what will be paid to the original starting affiliate.

From here if every new affiliate in the downline made it a starting goal to sell (10) 2000mg tinctures and (10) 3250mg Salves on subscription, this is how the corresponding commission payout would look for the original starting affiliate:

So the initial commission payout from the 10 first sales on subscription for only a single downline would be $963.20.  Then every 30 days from the initial sale date the commission payout would be $361.20 (Tincture sale only) and every 60 days the commission payout would $963.20 (Tincture & Salve sale).  So here is a forecast model of a 12-month example of how this would look as far as income for the original starting affiliate with only 1 full downline:


Now let's look at the numbers if the original starting affiliate made it a goal to recruit 10 new affiliates in which they too also recruited to fill their downlines this would put the original starting affiliate at a total of having 10 full downlines.  Here is the forecast model of a 12-month example of how this would look as far as income to the starting affiliate for having 10 full downlines:


As you can see depending on the work ethic of all new affiliates and their individual sales capability, the potential to achieve a healthy income can be easily obtainable.  These examples were generated only with the initial sales of a single 2000mg Tincture and a single 3250mg Salve.  You can see how if additional sales were made past that point these figures could go up exponentially.


These figures are examples and Manna CBD LLC is not making any claims to what an affiliate will make by signing up.  If you would like to read our published Income Disclosure and Disclaimer, it can be found by following this link:     

Manna CBD LLC Income Disclosure and Disclaimer