About Us

Here at Manna CBD LLC we strive to produce the highest quality products from seed to sale.  We work with farmers all over the state of New Mexico and across the country to cultivate high quality hemp-based cannabinoids utilizing organic farming methods and the utmost care.  As our founder says, “If you love your plants, they’ll give you love in return.”  This is something we put forth everyday day at every level of our company to make sure that what we provide to our customers world-wide will bring nothing but positive results.

All farms, extraction and manufacturing facilities are state licensed.  Many product based companies on the market are unregulated leaving the door open to errors and inconsistencies.   We follow GMP standards and are monitored by the New Mexico Environmental Division.  What this means for our customers is, safe and healthy manufacturing in a food certified kitchen, FDA health, packaging and branding requirements along with our accuracy on what goes in it.  We provide a batch label with all products that can be looked up on our website to validate the laboratory certifications for all products made to show that all products are being made to follow state and federal laws.

So come grow with us on this journey into the future of new and exciting products and ways to heal.