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What is CBD?

Premium CBD derived from hemp is legal in almost all 50 states and contains powerful cannabinoids that help regulate your body’s Endocannabinoid System, which promotes homeostasis within the body.

It is obtained by taking high quality hemp flower and extracting it down to its base oil.  This oil is referred to as Full Spectrum as it contains all the beneficial components of the plant including the waxes, fats and more.

 Full Spectrum can then be furtherly refined into Broad Spectrum and Isolate.  Broad Spectrum, also known as distillate, is the oil after going through a process called winterization where the waxes and other components are removed and, in some cases, even the THC Completely.  Isolate takes it a next step further and refines the distillate to a water-soluble powder that is almost completely pure CBD.

 All these levels of hemp derived oils and powders can then be turned into specially formulated CBD products to benefit the world.

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